Chord Voicing on your guitar.PDF book for free!!!

by Souta Niihara


I made a PDF book for all guitarist who wants to know chord voicing on your guitars.

I believe to learn chord that will helps and effect you in many different positive way.

I don’t think it is good idea to ” just memorize ” 600 different kind of voicing.

But it is good to have your favorite voicing on each chord type(like Cmaj7) which is also important to know ” how it sound like ” by yourself.

You can sit and hold your guitar then play one chord from the book.

I think it is always good to focus to ” one thing at a moment” .

Then try to focus and feel ” how it sound like ” for a while.

Because every chord voicing(forms on book) has a special sound and effect.

If you knew the sound then it is easier to memorize as well.

I really hope it helps you!!

Here the pdf chord book. (it will be also in my “Composition page”)

Chord Voicing

I actually have this always in my iphone.

For example, if you have ibook app then just put it there and check it anytime like in a train!!