Thanks for listening on Soundcloud !!!

by Souta Niihara



Hello 😀

Thanks a lot for listening my music and playing on Soundcloud !!

It has played over 1000 times today.

It is very grateful thing for me.

I will keep to do it !

Hope you enjoy and come back to listen again 🙂



Ah today, I saw a bird just staying on a street and eating something.

But the bird didn’t fly away or even did not try to move. Just eating….


Anyway I thought he got hurt or something so thats why he doesn’t fly.

Then I tried to see his body closely. It was like 20cm close.

But he just stop eating and froze like a stone.haha

His acting was so cute!!!

Because even if he tried to be a stone (hiding) , there were only snow….

You are black bird…. I can see you anyway……. poor bird…..


After a while he realized that he is not a stone.hihihi

Then he flew away that made my mind at ease.

But !!

At the same time he was actually screaming something to me !

I do not understand birds language, but I can imagine it could be really bad words.

I’m sorry bird, I just worried about you.


Actually he looked a little bit too fat…haha

So the bird was just ” lazy bird “.